Saturday, December 17, 2005

Making Strides

Cass has had quite the fall. Since his bronchoscopy in September he has had one infection after another. It's been a matter of what antibiotic will work and not destroy his intestines at the same time. Today he is feeling pretty good. He's home bound again for the winter which will decrease what he's exposed to, hopefully. I can tell he's getting cabin fever when he even gets excited over going to the doctors, just as long as he gets out.
He's had a series of ear infections this fall that we just can't seem to get rid of so 12/22 he'll be having tubes put into his ears. This will help greatly with his hearing, eating and speech therapy, at the same time cutting down the ear infections.
He's growing and getting quite big. He crawls everywhere now, the freedom to explore. His last doctors appoinment on Thursday he weighed in at 23lbs. 3.4oz so he's growing. He's doing well with PT, OT, and Speech/Eating therapy, though with the last we're trying to get him to put food into his mouth instead of everything else.
He's quite the tease and loves getting reactions out of his big brother. He laughs whenever he does this.
We had his fingers looked at by a pediatric hand surgeon last month and we found out he doesn't have any joints or ligaments in his pinkies. His left pinky will probably be alright and not be injured too much because he can bend it at the hand but the rights pinky doesn't seem to have a joint at the hand either and will bend back to his wrist. It's more prone to injury so maybe in the future we'll have to look into having it removed. The tip of the nail the doctor thinks he can fix and remove the nail on the bottom side of the pinky. His left ring finger we had a splint made to try to uncurl the finger. Hopefully this will work. His feet we have an appointment sometime next year to see a specialist. Maybe his feet are the reasons for him not walking, we'll see.
Otherwise, we're all doing pretty well. It's great to watch the kids get all excited about the Christmas season, even Cass knows something is going on. He loves to go look at the tree and all the lights. A couple of weeks ago we had a pretty good snow and watched the flakes fall from the window with excitement. I took outside just so he could see it close up and he had a ball touching the snow and making footprints as he walked around in it with my help. The two older ones were excited because school was cancelled.
How blessed we feel to be here at this time of year and be able to say we're happy and doing so much better than at this time last year. May you all have a blessed and happy Christmas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting an update. I'm so glad to hear about Cass' progress. That's wonderful that he's crawling! Way to go Cass! I'll be praying for him to stay well, and for his surgery to go well today. Have a wonderful Christmas!

December 22, 2005 at 8:13 AM  

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